Compete with purpose.

At I am NATION, our programs provide innovative and interactive fellowships and internships that prepare students to become global and community leaders in their future professions. 
We empower our students by providing innovative, accessible and enjoyable internships and fellowships that teach professional and leadership based skill-sets. Through our programs, students are exposed to the domestic needs of local non-profit organizations and the global needs of impoverished youth around the world. I am NATION participants are able to leverage the skills they learn in our programs to assist with those needs. 

We prepare our students for future leadership in their professions and communities through creative hands-on competitions, instead of the usual "classroom" setting. Using age appropriate competitions, students learn various skill-sets needed to become global and community leaders in the professions of digital-marketing, social entrepreneurship journalism, PR/Communications, the non-profit sector and policy. 

We mentor our students by connecting them to different organizations and leaders we call "impact partners."Our impact partners range from non-profits that organize partnership events or invite I am NATION participants to volunteer, to professionals who allow students to shadow them at work, to guest speakers. Our impact partners are an essential and inspirational, collaborating with I am NATION participants ever step of the way. 

Take a glimpse at a day of competition.


Our Mission

I am NATION seeks to prepare, empower and mentor students by encouraging and allowing them to compete with purpose. We believe  age-appropriate, educational, competition is one of the most productive ways to equip youth with the necessary skills that will allow them to succeed in the future. Competing with purpose allows students to develop leadership, camaraderie, dedication, and passion for achievement.

Addressing the global and domestic needs of non-profits, our selective programs enable students across the county to collectively engage in social justice based competitions.