Bridges 2 Africa
​Bridges 2 Africa provides food, water, and educational tools for students in Accra, Ghana.
They are our fiscal sponsors and they allow our students to bring attention to their cause.

     (Photo of School in Ghana)

Meet a few of our 


Our NPrep program allows for 10-18 students from Washington DC to gain hands on preparation regarding leadership, social entrepreneurship, policy, STEM PR/communications, non-profit, digital marketing and/or journalism. Divided into NATIONRed and NATIONBlue, our teams compete in community centered events and competitions. Competitions may take place on social media or at local community spaces. 

Meet a few of our former Captains 

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​​​Every year, we provide a competitive and intensive NLead program. This program allows 8-12 high school students from Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia to lead our campaign efforts nationwide. Captains will become the National representatives for NATIONRed and NATIONBlue. Learning and instruction is hands-on and interactive .

Monet PR Agency
​Monet PR Agency supports the PR
​/ communications and marketing needs of their clients. They help our students get the word out through flyers, campaigns and one tweet,
​post and like at a time

​(Event Flyer created by Monet PR)

NATION 360 is an athletic company that provides athletics teams, training, camps and services to youth athletes. They are also proud sponsors of the I AM NATION Campaign.


     (Photo of NATION Athletes)

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our students are reaching their highest potential. Our impact partners have assisted by organizing partnership events with our participants, mentoring our students, and/or designing our programs. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.
NLead Program

Npower  Program

  (For school partners)

​NPrep Program


DC Central Kitchen
​DC Central Kitchen is a leader in reducing hunger. They allow our students to compete with purpose by planning partnership events with them at their facility in DC. 

(Student at DC Central Kitchen)

Nterchange  Program

​I am NATION believes in the benefits of innovative professional and life-skills experiences for students domestically and abroad. Our school exchange programs provides full immersion opportunities for students from various countries. Nterchange create one-of a kind exploration for program participants in the largest cities in the United States. 
 I am NATION is committed to empowering students through innovative professional and life-skills education. ​Our Npower courses provide meaningful, measurable and powerful experiences that supplement classroom learning. We partner with schools that desire to transform, inform and inspire students and staff through professional and life-skills education.